Community leader Daniel Jenkins and the benefits of an all-in-one kit

Posted by Chris Bridgman, November 16 2017

Daniel Jenkins needs to be out in his town every day. As a pastor, he supports his community and often makes home visits. Paralysed after an operation 12 years ago, Daniel lost sensation in his lower abdomen, including bladder control. In this post, he explains how an all-in-one catheter kit gives him peace of mind and allows him to fulfil his obligations.

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Pain part 2: Pain management

Posted by Kent Revedal, January 30 2017

I saw a Facebook post a few weeks ago, a picture of a woman in some kind of yoga position and the text announced ”Your attitude is your best pain management tool”.

My first reaction was that someone obviously knew nothing about pain. But the more I thought about it, the more it grew on me. As simple as it sounds, it holds a lot of truth... 

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Topics: Spinal cord injury, MS, Spina Bifida

Science Alert: Spina bifida – children and young adults with specific needs

Posted by Sofi Sigvardsson, January 24 2017

Bladder and bowel control has the potential of being a quiet distress throughout life for children and young adults with Spina Bifida. There are a few recent articles reviewing and investigating different aspects of bladder and bowel management therapy in this group.

You will find a summary from these articles in this blog post!

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Pain part 1: When the pain doesn't leave

Posted by Kent Revedal, January 19 2017

”Pain is just weakness leaving your body”. Ever heard that statement? It’s a compelling slogan that the US Marine Corps use in their recruitment ads. It may be an effective recruiting tool, but is it true?   

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