Supporting SCI rehabilitation in Tanzania with research grant winner Ericaeli Nade

Posted by Helene Klasson, December 1 2017

We speak to winner of the 2017 The International Network of SCI Nurses and Wellspect study grant: Ericaeli Nade. In this post, Ericaeli describes SCI care in her native Tanzania and her hopes for this study.

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Interview: Mark talks about retention

Posted by Chris Bridgman, September 21 2017

"I always thought retention happened to men in their 80s, not someone my age." After almost a year of difficulty with voiding his bladder and the associated dribbling, Mark decided to see a doctor.

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ACCT talks: Catheter choice matters with Diane Newman

Posted by Helene Klasson, September 14 2017

"The most important thing is to precribe the right catheter to the right person – it's the match that matters", Diane Newman, urology nurse for over 30 years, says.
We were happy to get an interview with her at ICS. 


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ACCT talks: Bladder and bowel management in children with neurogenic disorder

Posted by Helene Klasson, September 13 2017

"In pediatric care it's common to treat bladder and bowel together, in cross-functional teams - something adult care could learn from", says Dr Giovanni Mosiello, pediatric urologist, when we met with him at ICS in Florence.

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Take control of your water balance

Posted by Helene Klasson, May 4 2016

Water is the only drink for a wise man, Henry David Thoreau said... and we agree!

Water supports kidney and bladder functions, helps prevent constipation, and makes it easier to maintain your weight as water reduces cravings for other more calorie-dense drinks. Water also helps those with tetraplegia to manage low blood pressure issues.

So let’s dive into the essentials!

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BPH – an issue most men will experience

Posted by Chris Bridgman, March 17 2016

Trips to the toilet during the night, unability to completely pass urine, leakage, a constant feeling of never having fully emptied the bladder. These are common experiences for men, often endured for years, inhibiting quality of life, and creating much anxiety. A simple checkup can restore peace of mind and provide a simple and painless solution.

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Help new patients get the most out of CIC with these videos

Posted by Helene Klasson, August 26 2015

Watch our introduction to CIC series videos to help your patients get started with Clean Intermittent Catheterization. Gary and Vanessa will guide you through the initial phase of getting started with the therapy and Nurse Karen will give you tips and advice. 

Catheter users, Krista, Eva, Mona, Mikael and Anders share some of their experiences and stories about getting started with CIC.

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