A real difference, now, and for the future

Jun 5, 2020 9:00:00 AM

Today we celebrate World Environmental Day with the launch of our Sustainability Report and Campaign.

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At Wellspect, we work with a holistic approach, where the environmental, social and economic aspects of our business are interdependent and crucial to our success. We use our resources effectively and responsibly and work to make a real difference, now, and for the future. 

My thoughts on sustainability 
- Svenn Poulsen, Group Vice President Wellspect HealthCare and Chairman of the Board of Directors for Dentsply IH AB.

“When I think of sustainability, there are three words that stand out – balance, respect and footprint.”

Balance is important - as an individual, an employee and as a company.  I am convinced that if you can balance the environmental impact while retaining social and economic sustainability, you have good foundations to succeed as a company.  

Our responsibility as a company is a principle larger than the company itself. It is about respect for us as people living now, for those that have worked before us and for future generations. We must always remember that we are not alone in this.

We aspire to be a workplace associated with people who are considerate, positive and kind to each other. Our ambition when we produce new products is to make a real difference for the user, while reducing our environmental footprint at an affordable cost. This is, and will continue to be, our greatest challenge within the sustainability project.  

We are proud of
We are continuously working on how we can become more sustainable and lessen our impact on the environment. It is an ongoing process, and one we will continue working with for years to come. Here are some things we are proud of so far:

0,72 LTIF
Lost time injury frequency has improved by 49 % in 2019 compared with 2018 

100 % renewable electricity
Since 2009 all energy used in our headquarters and production site Mölndal is from renewable sources.

-37 % Reduced greenhouse gases deriving from business travels 

New environmental permit in production Site Mölndal, to enable conversion to coating process with use of solvents with lower environmental impact and use of less water and chemicals

LCA – Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) available for LoFric products

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