Professional wheelchair basketball player: “Sponsorships like that of Wellspect’s are like a tree, planted for the future”

At the age of 10, Christian Seidel needed a wheelchair, and in doing so, he found a new active community in wheelchair basketball. The sport has been a big part of his life ever since – and now it is once again taking him overseas. According to Christian, it is sponsorships such as Wellspect’s that make it possible for him and many others to realize their dreams of having a professional career.

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How can we make women’s sport more visible?

On International Women’s Day, we celebrate the sporting career and advocacy for women’s sport of Wellspect Ambassador and Wheelchair Basketball player, Sophie Carrigill.

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What is it about handcycling that I love so much?

Mischa Hielkema is a Wellspect ambassador for Benelux. As a twotime Dutch handcycle champion, he reaps the mental and physical benefits of training and wants to share his passion, joy and motivation for getting involved in sport.

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Access and opportunity in disability sport

The path to competitive para sport starts, for most athletes, with getting involved in sport at a grassroots level. While interest in disability sport is increasing, more can be done to improve access to clubs and facilities. Continuing coverage from our recent disability sport roundtable, our panellists discuss how to improve access and opportunity in disability sport.  

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What wheelchair basketball has done for me

Fabio Raimondi is a wheelchair basketball legend, and at 49, he's still making a real difference on the court and as a Wellspect ambassador. He's represented Italy at the Athens 2004 and London 2012 Paralympics, has won five league titles and two European championships with the national team whom he captained for 10 years. He holds the record for most appearances in a blue shirt!


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