New Wellspect website – a comprehensive resource in continence care

Wellspect HealthCare recently launched its new website. With local versions in the making for thirteen countries, the new website is meant to provide Wellspect’s wide network of users with a customized and interactive user experience.

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Bowel care for every day life

Are you living with a bowel problem that affects your whole life? Spending hours on the toilet – or always having to be near one, trying to avoid an accident. When you are right in the middle of it, it's easy to feel despair. But there are solutions to your problems.

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Introducing Wellspect With You

We are proud to launch Wellspect With You, a comprehensive service offering to support our users and healthcare professionals around the globe. We provide wide-ranging care, support and access to our services and educational tools in an ever-changing world, every step of the way.

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New hope for my patients. Unboxing the new Navina Fecal Incontinence Insert

Bev Collins works as a Lead Clinical Nurse in the UK. She treats patients with various bladder and bowel problems, helping them to manage their continence care on their own.

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