Leading Wellspect's expansion in the Asia Pacific Region

In the next few years, the Asia Pacific region is set to become the world’s second largest Medtech market. For the last six years, Amy Mui has been responsible for Wellspect’s expansion in this highly dynamic region.

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Mar is the voice of her users

Looking for new challenges, Mar Garcia Torremocha joined Wellspect in 2018. Here she says she found a culture composed of people eager to explore and innovate in the pursuit of excellence. Only two years later, in January 2020, she won the sales award at the Wellspect Global Sales Meeting. 

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She pioneered the first Wellspect U.S. Clinical Team

Lisa is Wellspect U.S.’s Clinical Access Manager and has been a part of the Wellspect family since 2014. With her education and experience in urology and belief in Wellspect’s vision and products, Lisa was inspired to approach Wellspect with a view to establish a clinical team for the U.S. 

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Working with sustainability at Wellspect

Maria Berntsson made a big leap in her career 10 years ago when she said goodbye to the oil industry and entered healthcare, and Wellspect. Today she takes her solutions-oriented mindset to manage our Environmental, Health and Safety functions. 

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