How a catheter made my life easier and improved my quality of life

October 19 2022

Few women are alarmed by a tiny urine leak as they lift heavy items, cough, or jog. A protective daily pad and most of us brush it off. But when urine leakage gets more serious and grows out of control, it becomes a major concern that limits us and dictates our lives. This is exactly what happened to Anne. A 44-year-old mother of one son, from northwestern Germany, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS), back in 2005.

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Topics: Bladder dysfunction, Intermittent Catheterization, MS

Distressed by my inability to control my bladder

September 21 2022

A spinal cord injury coupled with an early childhood polio infection complicated her bladder control. Intermittent catheterization has long been part of her life.

Read Selma's story in her own words. 

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Topics: Bladder dysfunction, Intermittent Catheterization

Controlling accidental bowel leakage is key to your peace of mind

August 17 2022

Do you suffer from bowel leakage? For years, Fiona suffered in silence. She grew accustomed to being on edge and to keeping a look-out for the nearest toilet. A tiny bowel care product was all it took to put her mind at ease. 


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Topics: Bowel management, bowel disorder, accidental bowel leakage

Avoid urinary tract infections while travelling with catheters

July 20 2022

Holidays... ah! Carefree, relaxing and fun! But wait! You don’t want to let a sly urinary tract infection join you for your precious vacation! Although there’s no fail-safe method for avoiding them, there are some small steps you can take to help stop extra bladder visitors joining you on your holiday. 

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Topics: Travelling with catheters, LoFric

Keeping your bladder happy when on holidays

July 13 2022

Roll out your towel on the sun lounger! You’ve cracked the planning and packing, you’ve jumped the airport hurdles and you’ve nailed the plane toilet turbulence! It’s finally time for you and your bladder to enjoy the holiday you deserve! 

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