Improve women’s health – improve the world

Posted by Helene Klasson, March 16 2018

It may sound bombastic… but nevertheless, we believe it’s true!

Improving women’s health not only matters to women, but to their families, to the communities and societies at large.

We would like to highlight women’s needs, not least within our field of bladder management.

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Topics: CIC, Women's health

A therapy with no side effects

Posted by Anna Westberg, March 2 2018

The stomach rules the world, as they say. Everyone with an upset stomach can attest to that. Finally, Erik found a method to get his stomach to work every day without side effects, while avoiding an upset stomach.

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Topics: TAI, Transanal irrigation

Science Alert: Parkinson’s disease (PD), multiple sclerosis (MS), and spinal cord injury (SCI) – What do they have in common?

Posted by Maria Åberg Håkansson, February 27 2018

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Topics: Spinal cord injury, Neurogenic bladder, Neurogenic bowel, Multiple Sclerosis, Intermittent Catheterization, parkinsons disease

Science Alert Transanal irrigation (TAI) – The new frontier

Posted by Sofi Sigvardsson, February 20 2018

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Topics: TAI, Transanal irrigation, Neurogenic bowel, bowel dysfunction

A solution to bowel management issues with Multiple Sclerosis

Posted by Helene Klasson, February 8 2018

Kerry has Multiple Sclerosis (MS), with bowel problems among the many symptoms this condition presents. In the second part of Kerry's story she reveals how she took control of her bowels.

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Topics: TAI, Multiple Sclerosis, bowel dysfunction