Wellspect Customer Care – how do we support our users?

Thousands of users depend on Wellspect Customer Care, the information and technical assistance service for users of Wellspect products. It provides advice on how to use our products, guidance on how to obtain a prescription, product availability, and can assist in locating the nearest rehabilitation centers. The service also sends out free products and samples. We spoke to Francesca, a member of the team in Italy.

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Why LoFric Elle Makes a Real Difference – Innovation with sustainability in focus

In 2019, Wellspect launched a new urinary catheter for women; LoFric Elle. What is so unique about LoFric Elle and why does she make real difference? Well for starters, it has been developed by women, for women and with sustainability in mind throughout every step of the process. Sara Tronarp, Project Manager and Susanne Lindholm, Global Product Manager explains in further detail.

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When a toilet is the first thing on your mind

From the World Health Organization, we learn that WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) are crucial to human health. In fact, close to a million people die each year as a result of lack of water, bad sanitation and poor hygiene. More than half of these are related to diarrhea from poor sanitation.

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Welcome to Wellspect Webinar On Demand

A new angle that increases dignity for women and IC

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A revolution in your hands

Toothpaste tube, butterfly openings and spiral indents. Many creative ideas were tested and rejected during the development of our brand-new female catheter. But one idea outperformed them all – and has been refined to perfection. This is the story of LoFric Elle!

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