Advance your nursing career with Wellspect’s study grants

Do you belong to the nursing community? Does bowel and bladder management interest you? Keep reading. This may be for you.

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Every year, Wellspect HealthCare awards two study grants to nurses whose clinical studies shine a light on medical practices related to bladder and bowel management. With the application deadline for this year’s ESPUN (European Society for Paediatric Urology Nurses) study grant coming up in April, Wellspect who sponsors the grant, is calling on the nursing community to send in an application.

Why apply for a study grant

Study grants represent a win-win for all, says Maria Lennerås, Medical Science Liaison, at Wellspect. Nurses have a huge amount of expertise, and doing research is a great way of sharing this knowledge and experience with larger audiences while also helping patients.  Research doesn't have to be cumbersome nor complicated.  Part of the research is often incorporated into the nurses’ daily work, adds Maria who has a research background herself.

Support and guidance part of study grant package

As part of the grant, Wellspect provides the grant recipient with support to get the study started. Wellspect also helps grant recipients overcome research obstacles and plan for the collection of data in a systematic way. Speaking to the benefits of the study grant for the recipient, Maria explains that the study grants tend to provide an opportunity for the recipients to delve into a research area that they feel passionate about. The research undertaken also adds to recipients’ professional experiences and accomplishments, advancing their career and strengthening their CVs, she adds. 

To reach members of the nursing community, Wellspect works closely with lead nursing organizations including the European Association of Urology Nurses (EAUN), ESPUN (European Society for Paediatric Urology Nurses), the International Network of Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Nurses and the Nursing Special Interest Group (NurSInG).

Clinical data key to MedTech businesses

By sponsoring study grants and research, Wellspect, a research focused business, wants to emphasize the importance of clinical data. You can find more details about how to apply for Wellspect’s study grants, as well as a listing of previous winners, on The application period for the ESPUN study grant is open until the 01st of April 2023. 

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