Smart data for a better outcome in TAI

We are proud to present Navina Smart Data – a brand new database built on ever increasing collated irrigation data. This unique source of information will help increase knowledge in transanal irrigation, for a better outcome. 


To find out what Navina Smart Data is and how it can be used we had a chat with project manager Anna Malmborg.

What is Navina Smart Data?

 Until now, there has not been any direct user-generated Transanal irrigation (TAI) data. Current data is built on estimated water and air volumes, and other manual observations during individual irrigations. With the electronic Navina Smart System it's possible to build a database of exact but anonymized figures. This objective data can be combined with the users’ subjective, but also anonymized, ratings of their irrigations. Together the information increases the knowledge in TAI and most importantly – it may improve the outcome.


Many people are satisfied with their manual irrigation system, why do you advocate for an electronic device?

– We know that personalization and follow-up are key to success in TAI. With an electronic device you can use your own personal settings and gain control over the procedure.

How does the electronic device differ from a manual version?

– When you have found your individual settings, the amounts of water and air will be the same every time, and they are easy to change if needed. You can use the app to monitor your own progress but also share your data with your doctor to get help to tailor the treatment to your specific needs. 

How does it work?

– Every time you synchronize your unit and app via Bluetooth™ all irrigation data are transmitted to the app. After that you can choose to rate your latest irrigation by answering a set of questions. This completes picture of your therapy, status and progress. 

How can the data be used?

– Through the Navina Smart app, you can choose to send your personal irrigation data to your doctor who can follow up on your progress and if needed, make relevant changes. By using the app, you also add to the knowledge base around TAI, but at that stage the data is of course not traceable back to you. This anonymous data provides valuable insights for optimized TAI treatment in the future.

Is my data safe?

 All data is anonymized and no information about individual users will be trackable in the system.

Who is it for?

 The Navina Smart Data will be available for Navina customers, but both patients and Healthcare Professionals can contribute to the database; as a user by using the Navina Smart App, and as a Healthcare Professional by recommending patients to use the app and thus sharing their data.

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What data is available?

– You can filter on different indicators, such as age, gender, water volumes, balloon size, irrigation frequency and satisfaction over time – valuable information when setting up or fine tuning treatment plans.

What’s your hope for the future?

 We want to provide the best TAI solution for patients all over the world. Navina Smart Data is a valuable source for learning more about the therapy, but also indicates in which areas full scientific studies could be performed in the future, and we can truly talk about advancing continence care together.

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