Product delivery — who knew these emotions were involved!

Jul 23, 2021 7:30:00 AM

As we continue to speak to the people who make a real difference within Wellspect, we caught up with André Soma, who leads the Select Home Delivery customer care team.

Andre Soma - Select Customer Care Team Leader

We'd tied the knot and had moved to Gloucestershire, on the lookout for a new role.  My job agency managed to get me an interview with Wellspect (Astratech at the time) and I was offered the role. Little did I know that ten years later I’d still be proudly towing the Wellspect line.

I’ve worn a few different hats over the past ten years, from joining the business as a customer care advisor to  Account Coordinator to Navina Care Specialist and now Select Team Leader. Not long into my tenure with Wellspect, I realized the further I walked into the field of continence care knowledge, and the more real end user stories I heard, this was to be an exciting journey, one that would expose all emotions in time. Those emotions can change very quickly:

In the space of a couple of calls, we can go from linking multiple healthcare professional and services to deliver a critical product and feel euphoric,
to being left completely helpless and heartbroken when we can’t join those dots to deliver the best patient outcome

Even though the good far outweighs the bad, I still remember very sad conversations with people I had many years ago, and it’s that raw, unfiltered, human to human emotion and interaction that has kept me coming back for more.

Even though I’ve taken a back seat now regarding direct end user interactions, I continue in my capacity as Team leader to use my knowledge and experience to enhance our service offering all for the benefit of our end users.

Ten years is a long time, the longest by some way that I’ve stayed with one employer and I’ve asked myself why that is

There are a few reasons, but for me;  how we conduct our business has been the biggest draw.

Doing it the Wellspect way, putting our customers first always, respecting employees, ascribing to high ethical values.  These are the reasons that I am most proud of to call myself a Wellspect employee

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