Wellspect Customer Care – how do we support our users?

May 28, 2021 7:30:00 AM

Thousands of users depend on Wellspect Customer Care, the information and technical assistance service for users of Wellspect products. It provides advice on how to use our products, guidance on how to obtain a prescription, product availability, and can assist in locating the nearest rehabilitation centers. The service also sends out free products and samples. We spoke to Francesca, a member of the team in Italy.


Francesca has been working at Wellspect HealthCare for 15 years; in this post she shares insights about how the team supports users of Wellspect products.

We are a very closeknit team of three, each of us covering a specific region. Everyday we dedicate ourselves to the needs of our users. We want to make a difference because they rely on us for support with the products and therapy.

Customer Care is a delicate job, as you are in direct contact with the user, even if you’re on the phone. You enter the "home" of those you're speaking with, you're in their private space. One has to be very sensitive and attentive to the needs of the user.

Establishing a relationship with the other person, gaining their trust can take time. Francesca reveals her secret to us:

I firmly believe that a smile and a good mood passes through the phone and reaches those seeking our assistance. 

I actively listen to people and respond with concrete solutions.  

It is essential to respect people's times and moods. Nowadays it is also necessary to find the right channel to communicate according to the preferences of the interlocutor: phone, email – or maybe a video call! You need to be effective and efficient the right way, at the right time to make a real difference and provide value.

Francesca and her colleagues make themselves available to users every day:

Every day, Arianna, Carla and I collaborate to give assistance to people through Wellspect's free services and with our experience. We want those who contact us for support to feel safe and secure.

Francesca joined the company when she was very young, and gained a positive first impression as the new member of the team:

Over the years, I have grown professionally, and I've have always felt supported by colleagues from other departments. I am proud to be part of this great team with the work that we do. I'm able to try new tasks and grow my skillset, and I have the space to learn from my mistakes as well.

We ask Francesca how her work has changed in recent years:

The service offerings are growing based on the ever-expanding needs. Today we offer more and more support from a therapeutic point of view, with new solutions and relevant information.  During the COVID19 pandemic we have worked harder, making sure that our community feel close and supported, especially during these difficult times and periods of isolation. And we know from our users that they greatly appreciate these efforts. The passion travels through the phone and people feel it.

Before concluding her interview Francesca adds:

Here at Wellspect Customer Care, people are important and listened to. 

When the caller puts me on speaker phone to say hello to the family, or writes emails to say thank you – I know I'm doing the right thing. People choose the heart and we have a lot of it.



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This article was originally written and published by Cecilia Giordani, Wellspect Italy


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