Introducing Wellspect With You

Oct 28, 2021 8:00:00 AM

We are proud to launch Wellspect With You, a comprehensive service offering to support our users and healthcare professionals around the globe. We provide wide-ranging care, support and access to our services and educational tools in an ever-changing world, every step of the way.


By choosing Wellspect With You, our users, healthcare professionals and customers are able to access an improved range of high quality, innovative products and services. We have teams around the world dedicated to customer service and support, education and the provision of up-to-date scientific information.*

More time for life

Our ultimate ambition is to improve the quality of life for our users and make a real difference to everyone who uses our products. Our customer service offers personal support and is committed to help you in the best possible way. No question is too small – or too big.

Advancing together

For healthcare professionals, we seek to inform everyone concerned with continence care and bladder and bowel management with educational tools, congresses, webinars presented by experts, and the latest clinical studies and research. We provide online training and a vast range of educational and training material, such as web tutorials, printed leaflets, guides and E-books. 

Wellspect With You – Your reliable companion

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Wellspect With You

Learn more about our comprehensive service offering for users and healthcare professionals.


Wellspect Education

Whether you are a carer, a specialist, or completely new to continence care, Wellspect Education provides learning resources for your level of expertise.

Peer to Peer Support

We support our community of users to share knowledge, tips and tricks and advice.


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*Our service offer differs from market to market, adapted to local and domestic regulation and requirements, however from today we collect our comprehensive services under one umbrella brand: Wellspect With You

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