Launching “LoFric just got greener” in Germany, Austria & Switzerland

Oct 22, 2021 7:30:00 AM

We spoke with Christoph Kimling, Wellspect's Marketing Manager for the DACH region, about the impact of our latest sustainability initiatives for our partners, users and organization.


Please tell us briefly about yourself. What is your position at Wellspect DACH?

Christoph Kimling, 43 years old and Wellspect’s Marketing Manager for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In our team of five, we manage all our local online and offline marketing strategies and initiatives.

What was your first thought when you heard about the new coating process of LoFric and its environmental impact?

When I heard about the project for the first time, I thought: Great, now we’re taking the next big step and I know our customers will also welcome this.

Our LoFric brand has a unique product range with a lot of benefits, especially when it comes to environmental impact, for example none of the products contain PVC. Our healthcare professionals, customers and users tell us that they appreciate this.

Now, more than ever, environmental issues are in focus – on a personal, national and international level. I see many opportunities to have positive conversations with customers and colleagues about it. It’s our planet and its important to us all and Wellspect must play its part to help protect it.

How did you introduce the “LoFric just got greener” offer to your customers?

The pandemic struck when we started to promote this campaign, it wasn’t possible to talk to customers in person. So we had to focus on other channels internally and via our online activity.
Now we’re in 2021 and we still cannot interact face to face with our customers.

We’ve published several press releases, blogs and social media posts, and these online tools are essential and very effective.

We are expanding our reach to a broader audience and get very good feedback from our customers.
Activity and efforts in the area of sustainability, both by local companies and by governments, are increasing and becoming more and more visible. Companies publish their aspirations, plans and sustainability measures. It’s really good to see that we are aligned with the same goals, bringing these initiatives forward together.

Has the launch affected the DACH business – in the short and long term?

When it comes to Wellspect brand awareness – most definitely. Patients are the focus of our efforts and we passionately strive to make a real difference for everybody who needs our products and services. These initiatives are essential; it’s a solid, demonstrable commitment to our dedication to behave sustainably.

Do you think that Wellspect has a strong focus on sustainability?

Absolutely, as a company and also as an employee or as a private person – we all have a responsibility to our job, our colleagues, family, society and the environment.

Wellspect offers secure jobs, works sustainably with our production, demands higher standards from our partners and is pursuing ambitious climate targets to help protect our planet.
It is precisely because of these measures that Wellspect is seen as a company that makes a real difference.


What are your wishes for the future regarding the area of sustainability?

Wellspect is leading by raising the standard within our industry and I hope this motivates others in our industry.

I sincerely wish that the national government’s sustainability goals will be realized and that more governments all over the world will get on board.

I believe that everybody has the chance to make the planet a little safer and better by sharpening their own awareness of what it means to be sustainable.

I might be dreaming a little here – but my wish is for the welfare of our planet to be in the mind and heart of everybody.


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