Plan your future in Gothenburg

Sep 24, 2018 12:49:16 PM

Wellspect HealthCare has joined Next Stop Gothenburg, a project initiated by the West Swedish Chamber of Commerce aimed to increase the attractiveness of Gothenburg for students at the end of their education. Wellspect will together with other large companies in the region of Gothenburg collaborate to attract talents to Gothenburg and West Sweden at career fairs at universities across Sweden. We would like to establish Gothenburg as an attractive place to relocate after graduation and consider us as an attractive employer when planning their future career.

Today, we are experiencing a more challenging labor market where it is becoming more difficult to find future employees with an engineering or academic background. By joining Next Stop Gothenburg we aim to attract talents to our vibrant city that is undergoing rapid development where billions are invested in infrastructure and construction. The Gothenburg region can offer a wide range of industries and is one of Europe’s most rapidly expanding regions with endless career opportunities.

It is in the Gothenburg region you are able to find quality of life, an exciting city and region, beautiful nature and a fantastic career. Wellspect can offer you exciting and challenging jobs in a global company that is committed to make a real difference every day. We have a culture of team spirit where sharing knowledge and finding new ways to tackle challenges together is the key. In our cross-functional organization you are able to work together with Research & Development, IS/IT, Quality Assurance, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Finance, HR, Marketing and Legal.


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