Sustaining quality of life for our users

Dec 15, 2021 7:30:00 AM

Wellspect products are manufactured to the highest standards, and users and healthcare professionals are involved with the development of these products from the beginning. Feedback, clinical studies and consultation are crucial in creating these essential products for our users, and for an enduring quality of life.


Gerard, 64, from Australia, formerly a photography tutor and now retired, experienced Spinal Arteriovenous Malformation, a tangle of the blood vessels and spinal cord, that eventually lead to surgery, impaired mobility, and urinary and fecal incontinence.

In the space of six months, I went from being an active man to losing my mobility and continence

A wheelchair user, Gerard remains a very active man who attends pilates many times a week. Before the onset of his condition, Gerard enjoyed mountain biking, motorcycling and camping out in the bush. It was only when a Wellspect affiliated representative visited his disability support group that he became aware of TAI - transanal irrigation.

And the impact was immediate – now he need not worry about accidents, is confident and able to maintain his social life and doesn’t have to spend hours on the toilet or deal with ineffective medications to manage his bowel. Using TAI on average every two days, it takes him between 10 to 30 minutes with Navina, and then he can get on with his day.

It’s made a big difference to my life, immediately

Gerard of Navina


Finding the right products is not always a straightforward process

Gerard had to try a few catheters before he found LoFric. Previous catheters proved less than satisfactory, with issues surrounding the insertion and removal of the catheter causing pain and trauma to the ureter, Gerard found the Urotonic™ Surface Technology of LoFric catheters was the deciding factor in choosing a catheter. It has a salt and solutes concentration similar to urine so that the catheter’s surface layer is in balance with the body.

UST Image Template

As a result, the lubricated catheter surface maintains smooth at both insertion and withdrawal, minimizing the risks of urethral trauma, bleeding and strictures. Gerard has penile sensation, and the smooth insertion and removal without pain and the reduced risk of infection offers piece of mind. But it’s also the other features that enhance a user’s experience. Users with limited hand mobility may struggle with a conventional catheter:

For Gerard, the plastic grip, discreet packaging and easy carrying and disposal have given him welcome relief from the indwelling catheter that he first had to use. As self-catheterization is often a lifelong therapy, catheters have to be suitable for long-term use. It’s “a love affair” and he couldn’t wish for a better catheter.

It's been a real game changer

LoFric catheters have been tested and documented for almost 40 years, longer than any other hydrophilic catheter available.

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