Leading Wellspect's expansion in the Asia Pacific Region

May 27, 2022 6:30:00 AM

In the next few years, the Asia Pacific region is set to become the world’s second largest Medtech market. For the last six years, Amy Mui has been responsible for Wellspect’s expansion in this highly dynamic region.

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In terms of growth, innovation and trade, and for a Swedish Medtech company such as Wellspect, the APAC region offers tremendous opportunities, and now there is a growing demand for sustainably manufactured healthcare products.

Amy Mui, Head of Business Development for the Asia Pacific region


As a native Hong Kongese, I’m embedded in these cultures

Hong Kong is a gateway to Asia for the west, an international hub for finance, business and trade. I grew up speaking Cantonese as well as English and am grateful for the international outlook I assimilated. It's one of the reasons I joined Wellspect; Swedish Medtech has a global presence and I want to be part of it.

Like many international hubs, Hong Kong is home to generations of communities with roots from around the globe. Citizens are well educated and well travelled, it’s an exciting city. And this is typical of many regions across Asia; for example, South Korea has enjoyed a remarkable transformation in the last 25 years, becoming a leader in science, technology and innovation with an advanced economy across several industries, high educational attainment, sophisticated, universal healthcare and hugely successfull cultural exports.

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Wellspect has had the foresight to establish its presence here and offer Swedish innovation to established, advanced infrastructures across many countries.

I am proud that Wellspect is well positioned to meet the demand for sustainably manufactured products

Why did I join Wellspect?

I graduated from a Nursing School and am still a licensed Registered Nurse. I obtained my BSc in Economics & Management from University of London; MSc in Business Management obtained from Edinburgh Napier University. The welfare of the patient has always been a constant in my career, and is Wellspect's highest priority and the support for our users just gets better and better.

Knowledge and demand of sustainable products has always been high, now it is exponentially increasing

APAC markets are increasingly demanding sustainable products that APAC manufacturing hasn't historically been able to deliver, and I am proud that Wellspect is well positioned because of our sustainable manufacturing process for intermittent catheters. Australia and New Zealand are members of the APAC region, and knowledge and demand of sustainable products has always been high, now it is exponentially increasing among users, healthcare professionals and our partners.

There are challenges ahead, but this organisation continues to demonstrate our responsibility and commitment to reducing our environmental impact.

Sitting down to dinner with our partners

When doing business in Asia, the initial approach, and building of a relationship is taken formally, but not without fun.  Picture of sashimi chef preparing food in well equipped, modern kitchenSushi Chef, Tokyo Japan. credit: https://thomas.me

When doing business in Asia, the initial approach, and building of a relationship is taken formally, but not without fun. We will dine with our partners where possible.

Asian cuisine is immensely popular around the world, and the opening of a flask of sake will signal a different gear for the evening where we can all socialize once formal business has concluded.

And typical of many major hubs in Asia, a visitor will enjoy the street food and cafes, market stalls in huge halls and thoroughways, similar to the saluhalls of Scandinavia, selling the catch of the day directly to the populace of the city, who end up here on their way from picking the fresh produce on offer.

mike-swigunski-Korea market

Market canteen in Seoul. credit: globalcareerbook.com 

This can be said of Beijing, Seoul, Singapore there are of course regional differences in infrastructure, local tradition and convention, but it can be said that these regions have much in common, with a similar stratification of society, and a large, growing middle class and ageing population.

But the world has become a lot smaller, I can always find good sashimi when I visit Sweden and meet my colleagues at the Wellspect headquarters in Mölndal, near Gothenburg on the Swedish westcoast.

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