Science Alert: Bowel problems – don’t forget to ask

Posted by Sofi Sigvardsson, November 14 2017

At the International Continence Society (ICS) meeting in Florence in 2017, there was a round table session dedicated to anal (or fecal) incontinence.

Right from the start in the opening statement, it was established that breaking the silence surrounding fecal incontinence is the most important first step. This is also the main conclusion of a recently published review, which covers clinical management of fecal incontinence from the gynecologist’s perspective: Medical professionals should always ask the patient about anal and fecal incontinence.

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Science Alert: Bowel dysfunction in focus

Posted by Sofi Sigvardsson, June 15 2017

Chronic constipation (CC) is a common bowel dysfunction. There are several reasons for bowel dysfunction and several treatment methods, which are addressed in a new review article.

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Science Alert: Bowel Function in Focus - Fecal Incontinence

Posted by Sofi Sigvardsson, May 23 2017

Fecal incontinence (FI) is a debilitating condition with a significant health burden. Although it has great clinical relevance and a profound impact on quality of life, there is still not much known about how to effectively treat this condition. This may be due to the diversity of causes of fecal incontinence, but may also be due to the lack of clinical investigation into possible treatment therapies.

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Bowel dysfunction in children

Posted by Helene Klasson, May 19 2017

Bowel problems in children can occur for many different reasons. Some are related to a specific diagnosis, like Spina Bifida or Anorectal Malformation. Some are more diffuse and differ over time, like constipation or tummy cramps. We tried to map some of the concepts for you!

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Science Alert: Bowel dysfunction – management strategies

Posted by Sofi Sigvardsson, April 25 2017

Available treatment options for bowel dysfunction vary depending on symptoms, but generally when starting therapy, a conservative approach is recommended. However, as one study shows, there is a reduction in bowel function over time in persons with neurogenic bowel disorders.

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Science Alert: Bladder and bowel synergies – different sides of the same coin

Posted by Maria Åberg Håkansson, April 18 2017

The bladder and bowel share the pelvic floor and, in spite of known (and unknown) synergies, limited research has been undertaken on this topic. There are, for example, few studies exploring the impact of bladder and bowel dysfunction on social activities and quality of life.

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Science Alert: Bladder and bowel care in focus – from children to the elderly

Posted by Maria Åberg Håkansson, March 31 2017

Bladder and bowel problems are common and of high importance for people with spinal cord injury and other neurogenic damage.

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What is Transanal Irrigation?

Posted by Helene Klasson, September 30 2016

It can be difficult to find a regular toilet routine if you suffer from chronic constipation or fecal incontinence. Some people are constantly afraid of public accidents or literary spending hours in the bathroom. 

Mikey was one of them until he found the solution to his bowel problems – transanal irrigation (TAI). This blog post will give you an insight!


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Being a Paralympic nurse

Posted by Helene Klasson, September 1 2016

Not only the athletes are making it to the Paralympics in Rio this year – there are also a whole team of nurses and other medical staff on site. We got hold of Bev Everton, a nurse with the British Paralympic team. Bev always keep a survival kit in her bag, but not the kind you think…

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Treatment options for neurogenic bowel dysfunction

Posted by Helene Klasson, April 14 2016

From your first minute on this earth your poo is of greatest interest, first to your parents (Is the child constipated? What color is the poo?). Then, after a gentle transition, you are supposed to be the poo manager yourself. And it is important, because when the bowel works, life tends to work.

Today we will talk about neurogenic bowel dysfunction – when the bowel doesn’t work – and also about connected treatments.

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10 expert tips for a smooth digestion

Posted by Helene Klasson, April 7 2016

Your stomach is like a car. As long as it’s running smoothly, you don’t pay much attention to it. But as soon as a weird sound is heard or the brakes are failing, it demands your attention.  It’s not only annoying—it may hinder you from going where you want and doing what you want.

So let’s ask an expert how you can keep your digestive system on track!

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