Science Alert: Parkinson’s disease (PD), multiple sclerosis (MS), and spinal cord injury (SCI) – What do they have in common?

Posted by Maria Åberg Håkansson, February 27 2018

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Topics: Spinal cord injury, Neurogenic bladder, Neurogenic bowel, Multiple Sclerosis, Intermittent Catheterization, parkinsons disease

Science Alert: Intermittent catheterization for Bladder management – can infections be avoided?

Posted by Maria Åberg Håkansson, January 30 2018

Intermittent catheterization is today a first choice therapy for people with neurogenic or non-neurogenic lower urinary tract dysfunction related to incomplete bladder emptying. In recent years, the evidence for the safety of catheter reuse has been debated. 

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Topics: Neurogenic bladder, Intermittent Catheterization, LUTS

Hassan's Remarkable Recovery

Posted by Helene Klasson, September 5 2017

The doctors attending to Hassan had not heard from him in a long time; with his extensive injuries and constant battling of infection, they feared the worse. But the most remarkable recovery had occurred. This is how it happened…

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Topics: Spinal cord injury, UTI, Intermittent Catheterization