How important is water balance for your health?

January 20 2021

It's time to take control of your water balance! Water supports kidney and bladder functions, helps prevent constipation, and makes it easier to maintain your weight as water reduces cravings for other more calorie-dense drinks. Water also helps those with tetraplegia to manage low blood pressure issues.

So let’s take a deep dive into the essentials!

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How to improve your digestion – 10 expert tips

December 16 2020

We’ve all had to pay closer attention to how, when and what we eat, and it’s always worth reminding ourselves of how to treat ourselves and our digestion well, especially if we have a neurogenic diagnosis. Here are the 10 best tips for a healthy stomach from nutrition counselor and wellness expert Anna Carin.

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Bowel school 3: Your stomach likes order and routine

February 26 2020

Constipation – everyone knows how tough it can be. Especially when traveling, the stomach is fond of shutting down all operations, resisting food that’s prepared in a different way or consumed at different times. Does your stomach like traveling?


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Bowel school 2: Your stomach – your compass

February 19 2020

Heartburn, acid reflux, constipation, vomiting – all unpleasant and uncomfortable, yet all avoidable? We provide a few tips to promote better digestion.

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Bowel school 1: How is your gut feeling?

February 12 2020

If the stomach isn’t working, it won’t waste time in letting you know. Maybe it's time to listen to your stomach to hear how things are going in order to understand and treat it a little better? Follow our mini-series on the stomach.

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