Bowel dysfunction in children

Posted by Helene Skoog, May 19 2017

Bowel problems in children can occur for many different reasons. Some are related to a specific diagnosis, like Spina Bifida or Anorectal Malformation. Some are more diffuse and differ over time, like constipation or tummy cramps. We tried to map some of the concepts for you!

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Topics: Neurogenic bowel, Bowel management, Children and TAI, Transanal irrigation (TAI)

Neurogenic bladder and bowel – two sides of the same coin?

Posted by Helene Skoog, March 9 2017

Heads or tails? It's the same coin, and when treating neurogenic bladder and bowel, it's the patient that is the unifying focus.

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Topics: Neurogenic bladder, Neurogenic bowel