Do's and don'ts of packing catheters for your holiday

June 29 2022

Its nearly time for your holiday! You’ve dusted off your suitcase, realised your swimwear has inexplicably shrunk whilst being stored in the drawer for the last 12 months and your Wellspect catheter order has just been delivered, ready for packing! 

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My best tips for travelling abroad with a catheter

June 22 2022

Although recent years have presented their own challenges to travelling abroad, many catheter users have always found that travelling with a bladder condition can be a bit tricky. We're pleased to share the first in a series of blogs, written  by passionate traveller and Wellspect ambassador, Serena Green, that will provide advice for every step of the trip.

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Topics: Travelling with catheters, LoFric

A catheter that suits my active lifestyle

March 17 2021

Whether she’s travelling, tackling a muddy assault course or working out at the gym, Serena from the UK needs a catheter that works for her busy, active lifestyle.

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What you need to know when travelling with catheters

July 10 2020

The summer holidays are here, and while this year may look a little different with not much possibility to travel far or abroad, you may still be planning to enjoy your summer vacation by travelling locally. 

Regardless of where you are going and what you're doing, any type of travel and change to your routine comes with the same questions: Will I be there in time? Did I remember to pack my phone charger? Did I unplug the iron?

Some  travellers will also be asking themselves: Will I be able to find a disabled toilet? Did I pack enough catheters? How will I get past customs with my catheters and medicine?

Especially for you, we put together a checklist to ease the stress.


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Going to the bathroom at 35,000 feet – a challenge for Michael

June 24 2020

After having sustained a spinal cord injury in a diving accident, Michael Kerr needed to find a new way of managing his bladder. With an ongoing international sports career he needed a flexible solution, easy to bring on his travels all over the world.

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