BPH – an issue most men will experience

March 17 2016

Trips to the toilet during the night, inability to completely pass urine, leakage, a constant feeling of never having fully emptied the bladder. These are common experiences for men, often endured for years, inhibiting quality of life, and creating much anxiety. A simple checkup can restore peace of mind and provide a simple and painless solution.


What is BPH?

As men age, the prostate can become enlarged. This is called Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH). The reasons for this are unknown, but having functioning testes is actually a risk factor, and the risk increases with age.

How common is BPH?

By the age of 50, prostate enlargement affects 50% of all men, but many have no symtoms. By the age of 80, the figure reaches about 90%. It’s an issue that most men will face. Left untreated, enlarged prostate can present a serious health risk. Inability to empty the bladder can cause many different symptoms from the lower urinary tract as well as Urinary Tract Infection.

A diagnosis of BPH brings peace of mind

Thankfully, a diagnosis of BPH is quick and many treatment options are available. Knowing that BPH is the root cause can banish the uncertainty and fear that accompany the symptoms of undiagnosed BPH.

Symptoms of BPH

The symptoms of enlarged prostate blocking the urethra include one or more of the following:

  • Difficulty in starting to empty

  • Weak urine flow

  • Feeling that the bladder has not been completely emptied

  • Trouble resisting the urge to urinate

  • Feeling the need to urinate often and at night

  • Severe urgings that lead to urine leakage

Relieving symptoms with Clean Intermittent Catheterization (CIC)

There are many treatments available for the reduction in size of the enlarged prostate. However, at any stage, a caregiver may recommend symptom relief with periodic or ongoing use of a disposable catheter.

This is a good option as it empties the bladder completely.

Complete emptying relieves that feeling of having to go but not being able to, and eliminates the risk for embarrassing leaks. It is also extremely important to the health of the urinary system, and helps prevent the risk for urinary tract infections.

Most men find self-catheterization easy to learn, and though it may feel a little strange the first few times, it does not hurt. Best of all, it offers immediate and ongoing relief of all the symptoms of enlarged prostate, enabling a return to a sense of normalcy. 

Download the 'Enlarged prostate and the bladder' PDF to learn more.

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Alan's story

In this video, Alan describes his experience of BPH, his consultation with a specialist, and his use of CIC (Clean Intermittent Catheterisation) using Lofric Origo, a disposable catheter that he uses as often as most of us visit the toilet. Listen to Alan describe how CIC has restored the confidence to enjoy a full social life and a loving marriage.



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