Controlling accidental bowel leakage is key to your peace of mind

Do you suffer from bowel leakage? For years, Fiona suffered in silence. She grew accustomed to being on edge and to keeping a look-out for the nearest toilet. A tiny bowel care product was all it took to put her mind at ease. 

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I was always on high alert, constantly worried I would not make it to the toilet in time when the bowel leakage happened. As a former university professor, I would be in the middle of a lecture and just rush out of the room. It was embarrassing”, recalls Fiona.

Fiona pleaded with the doctors for years, insisting that something was not right. After many referral rounds, she was finally given a diagnosis of bile salt malabsorption. A condition often associated with accidental bowel leakage and diarrhoea. While receiving a diagnosis was a relief somehow, Fiona still had to find ways to manage her bowel leakage. She ruled out the long-term use of fecal pads and incontinence pads due to eczema. 

Then her district nurse introduced a new product to her, the Navina Insert. The nurse asked Fiona if she wanted to give it a try, explaining that the experience was equivalent to inserting a tampon, albeit in the anal region. Having suffered from open sores as a result of her acidic diarrhea and repetitive struggles to keep the anal region clean – Fiona was open to trying something new. When using the Navina Insert for the first time, the nurse helped Fiona and gave a short tutorial.

"It didn’t take me long to completely forget the insert was there. It is that comfortable – you don’t even feel it! It is made of silicone, so it is flexible and easy to apply. I think it is a fantastic invention”, says Fiona about the Navina Insert.

Peace of mind with the Navina Insert
Fiona also describes how she regained a sense of control and freedom with the Navina Insert. She felt protected and safe. She was no longer on edge while at the supermarket or on public transport. Her friends even noticed her new public attitude.

Going out now is great. I can sit in a café and have a coffee, without being nervous about it – without worrying that I am going to have an awkward, embarrassing, or miserable moment. It gives me so much more freedom knowing that you can wear the inserts for up to 24 hours – it is life changing!”, says Fiona.

Fiona goes on singing the praises of the Navina Insert adding that the inserts are gentle and well-constructed. They are also easy to remove and to dispose of. Fiona is also fond of the increased level of hygiene Navina enables. Waking up in the middle of the night with soiled bed-sheets is history now.

I am more in control now. I am sleeping better with the Navina Insert, because I am feeling more confident. It just feels fresher and cleaner”, says Fiona. 

And she concludes:

The Navina Insert has restored my peace of mind. It is comfortable and easy to use. It is also discreet and easy to store. Spare inserts easily fit into my handbag too. I am a big fan”.


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