Kent Revedal: How I found the solution to my SCI related bowel problems

October 20 2016

One consequence of a broken spinal cord is loss of bladder and bowel control. 

Kent Revedal suffered a spinal cord injury in a motorcycle accident and he desperately searched for a bowel regime to avoid public 'accidents'. He found one! This is Kent's own story, in three films, about how that happened. 


Film 1 – Searching for a bowel therapy

"After a few weeks I was a nervous wreck due to my dysfunctional bowel. I asked the staff at the hospital how long it would take until I could get control of it. They said I had to expect around 6-8 weeks. Boy did they lie to me or what? It was more like six months!"

In this film Kent talks about life before he found a working bowel regime.

Film 2 – Take it easy, take TAI

"At a camp about 6 months after my injury I shared a room with a guy with a similar injury. During that week he told me he used a system to help him empty his bowel, something I later came to understand was a Transanal irrigation (TAI) system."

In film no 2 Kent talks about his first experience with TAI and how he got used to this method.

Film 3 – 5 arguments for TAI

"I had heard various arguments as to why TAI was not a good solution, or something to use in the long run. I want to lay out and provide five arguments for why I believe it’s a regime that should be used far more in the healthcare sector for people with bowel problems."

In this film Kent talks about dignity, control, time efficiency, fewer UTIs and less use of medicines, as a result of using TAI.

Watch Kent's videos about TAI

Topics: Transanal irrigation (TAI), Spinal Cord Injury (SCI)