How TAI gave one family their life back – part 2

October 14 2020

Having organized their whole lives around her enema schedule, Alice and her family discovered the benefits of Transanal Irrigation TAI. Would Alice finally be able to go to the toilet without pain?

Part_2_Alice and Mamma

It wasn't painful at all. 

It took two days for Alice to get used to TAI*

Eventually, Alice would only need the minimum of assistance from her parents.

As she grows older, Alice now uses TAI once a day, and the freedom enables her to take part in fun activities she loves dancing and horse riding without having to wear a diaper. Having endured such a difficult and exhausting time, the family can now look to the future while enjoying their present.

Bladder and Bowel interaction

Not being able to empty the bowel exerts pressure upon the kidneys and the bladder, leading to incomplete emptying of the bladder, which can lead to Urinary Tract Infections and impaired function of the kidneys. The bladder and bowel interact and facilitating their respective functioning ensures that they work effectively. As Alice has had complication with her kidneys, TAI supports their functioning with the regular emptying of the bowels, which in turn supports the effective functioning of the bladder.

Using a digital device
Using a digital device for TAI allows Alice's parents to use the same optimal settings for the amount of water and the speed with which the water enters the bowel. The data can be sent directly to their health care professional, but such is the effectiveness of the procedure, they have never had to contact their nurse through this channel.

What about play dates, sleepovers and telling other parents?

Alice looks like any other healthy ten year old, and her parents have found that because of this, other's have found it difficult to comprehend why she needs to use TAI. Because she is young, and uses TAI once a day in the family home, they have found that there is no need to inform others about the procedure. As Alice only needs the minimum of assistance, and eventually, will require no assistance, it is not an issue, and definitely not an impediment to enjoying play dates with her friends and sleepovers at her grandparents. But Alice and her parents feel no stigma about the therapy, and are happy to talk about it if asked.

Part_2_Alice activitesAlice is a Navina™ product user. 

What does Alice think about TAI?

For all these reasons, Alice is really passionate about spreading the knowledge of TAI, for the thought of other children having to endure painful procedures when there is an alternative makes her frustrated. She hopes that all children who need it will be able to use it and be able to enjoy the life she now enjoys. 

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We have gathered information from healthcare professionals, scientific experts, parents and users. We hope to increase your knowledge and motivation to start using TAI together with your child! 

Download "Caregiver guide: Your child and transanal irrigation"


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*It may take up to 12 weeks to find the optimal irrigation routine and have a satisfying outcome for you. When the initiation period is over and you have found a routine that works for you, it may suffice to irrigate every other day, but this is highly individual.

Alice's family have received compensation from Wellspect to share her story. 

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