ACCT talks: Empowering patients in Transanal Irrigation (TAI) with Valentina Passananti

September 15 2017

"Severe bowel problems are a social stigma. Many people tend to stay at home, too embarrassed to go out. Finding a working bowel routine is key to quality of life for these patients", Valentina Passananti, specialist in Clinical Medicine and Gastroenterology, says.


Valentina Passananti has an active research focus within the field of neurogenic bowel disorders. She has several recent scientific publications investigating bowel management solutions for people with Mutiple Sclerosis or other neurogenic bowel dysfunction, who have failed traditional care.

We met with Valentina Passananti at ICS (International Continence Society) to talk about how transanal irrigation (TAI) can empower patients in need of a bowel management routine. 



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Topics: Bowel management, Transanal irrigation (TAI), Bowel dysfunction