Going to the bathroom at 35,000 feet – a challenge for Michael

After having sustained a spinal cord injury in a diving accident, Michael Kerr needed to find a new way of managing his bladder. With an ongoing international sports career he needed a flexible solution, easy to bring on his travels all over the world.

Michael Kerr relaxing in cafe with friend

“I’ve tried a few different catheters and I’ve found the one that works for me. It is easy to use, foldable and discreet. I can put it in a bag under my chair and I don’t need to worry about finding water to activate it, as it’s already in the package. You just squeeze it, break the seal and use it – and nobody needs to know.”

Because of his sports career, Michael has travelled the world, embarking upon long haul flights which can cause trouble when there is need of a bathroom.

It is not so easy to go to the toilet on the airplane, but it is possible to do it discreetly from your seat using a kit product. An all-in-one-kit is very useful when you are travelling or can’t access a bathroom. You just need to find somewhere discreet where you can do it from your chair. An all-in-one kit is a game changer really.”  

So, what about the new life Michael started after his injury?

“When I was discharged from the spinal unit, I started to play wheelchair rugby and pretty much fell in love with it. I dedicated my life to it for 17 years – travelling the world, playing rugby, competing in Paralympics... It became my career, my full-time job. It meant everything for me. At that time, it gave me something to focus on.  It helps me stay healthy but it’s good for the social side as well. You make lots of friends. I met people 17-18 years ago that I am still in touch with; people I have played with or against. They will be mates for the rest of my life. Rugby made me the person that I am today.”

Watch Michael's testimonial film and download our guide "Bladder and Bowel  dysfunction when you have a Spinal Cord Injury"  


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