Take control of your water balance

May 4 2016

Water is the only drink for a wise man, Henry David Thoreau said... and we agree!

Water supports kidney and bladder functions, helps prevent constipation, and makes it easier to maintain your weight as water reduces cravings for other more calorie-dense drinks. Water also helps those with tetraplegia to manage low blood pressure issues.

So let’s dive into the essentials!

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Topics: Clean Intermittent Catheterization (CIC), Health

10 expert tips for a smooth digestion

April 7 2016

Your stomach is like a car. As long as it’s running smoothly, you don’t pay much attention to it. But as soon as a weird sound is heard or the brakes are failing, it demands your attention.  It’s not only annoying—it may hinder you from going where you want and doing what you want.

So let’s ask an expert how you can keep your digestive system on track!

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Topics: Bowel management, Health

Expert tips for a healthy life with a spinal cord injury

February 11 2016

It could be said in one sentence: The most important for your health and well-being (within your own control) is regular exercise, good sleep, varied food, daily routines, pauses for rest and relaxation, socializing with people you like and moderate alcohol intake. And still it can be so hard to live by…

This advice goes for everyone, regardless if you have a disability or not. But with a physical disability your lifestyle is even more important.

That’s why we asked the Spinalis foundation, the true experts on living with a Spinal Cord Injury, for guidance!

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Topics: Clean Intermittent Catheterization (CIC), Health