Taking charge of your life, Part 2

December 2 2016

There are always positives to be found among the downsides. If the disease or diagnosis, and the various associated matters weigh heavily, it helps to look for all the positive things in life that weigh against this. To achieve that balance, a caregiver needs to be prepared to talk, ask questions and not serve answers like an automaton.

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Taking charge of your life, Part 1

December 1 2016

What do you do when faced with the hard facts? How do you go on after a life-changing diagnosis that you will live with 24 hours a day, maybe for the rest of your life? There may be no cure, but there could be relief – and ways to gain new perspectives.

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Expert tips for a healthy life with a spinal cord injury

February 11 2016

It could be said in one sentence: The most important for your health and well-being (within your own control) is regular exercise, good sleep, varied food, daily routines, pauses for rest and relaxation, socializing with people you like and moderate alcohol intake. And still it can be so hard to live by…

This advice goes for everyone, regardless if you have a disability or not. But with a physical disability your lifestyle is even more important.

That’s why we asked the Spinalis foundation, the true experts on living with a Spinal Cord Injury, for guidance!

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